iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

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Re: iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames


Unfortunately you make your problem sound incredibly complicated.

As I understand it I think your problem is that Photosmith in your ipad is not recognizing your eye-fi SD card (in the first instance.) If this is the case make sure that....

1) You have followed all the instructions carefully
2) You have Photosmith open on your ipad

3) Under Services you have 'eye-fi' open (which presumably does not show a recognized SD card.)
4) You have LR on your PC connected to the same network as your ipad
5) You have your SD card in a USB port of your PC/MAC

6) You go to your installed photosmith plug-in on LR 'settings' 'edit' 'scroll down' and 'search' for your 'ipad'.

7) Now here is the important part. If that is 'successful' but you do not 'find' your SD card in the Photosmith app, you need to:
a) Exit LR and restart LR
b) Exit Photosmith (press icon until - appears) and restart.

And THEN your SD card will appear.

(Incidentally once it gives you a key for the card the box changes from a row of 0000s to a row of random 123433s. Nothing else happens - the box doesnt tick.)

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