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re: yes, eMount lens could end up with fastest AF of all

RussellInCincinnati wrote:

JPR too bad am never using autofocus, on a different level of problem it is just intolerable to my (non-sports-and-action work) temperament to put up with the inability of autofocusing systems to read my mind and figure out what I'd'a wished to focus on.

for exactly the same reason I'm using solely MF lenses on N7 = have tried
briefly AF on 50/1.8 and 24/1.6, as the only SELs of really high IQ -
yet they were not only pretty inaccurate as to the intended focal point,
but also completely unacceptable speed-wise - I'd be much quicker 75%
of cases using my MF lenses. However, there are pretty numerous
situations that I do miss a real-quick AF when not carrying DSLR. Just for
versatility and portability I'm looking for on-sensor PDAF from Sony very
much - provided it'll be closer to Nikon's N1 than to Canon's Eos-M, much,
much closer !!

I don't know your past with AF systems (if any), however, the problem of
too wide PDAF sensors was quite well solved e.g. in Canon's 7d by offering
the spot-focus AF = a much shrunk array of PDAF sensels, perhaps as little
as 1/4 of the regular ones - in principle nothing prevents other designs to
follow suit

street candids (non-interactive):
music and dance:
wildlife & macro:
interactive street:

Comments and critique are always welcome!

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