New firmware for Canon new tele lenses

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Re: My 400 is Updated...

Ray Chen wrote:

My 400 worked fine for almost a year on 1D2, 5D, and 5D3. Just got it back today with the new firmware update, and I will test it this Friday on a football game with my 1D X. I suspect it is this new camera that broke the old lens.

Please report back on your findings. My new 400 (old FW) worked just fine all spring for lacrosse and soccer with my MkIV bodies. I've only had my 1DX a short while and the fall season hasn't started yet so I can't try it for real.

I have played around with cars and motorcycles rushing past the house at close range at 60 MPH. The lens has focused and tracked perfectly. We live right beside the road so the cars are about 150 feet away when they rush past. There is a spot where I only have visibility for about 1.5 seconds. It's almost like Wack-a-Mole. I nail the shutter as soon as they appear and AI Servo grabs them and I get 2-3 frames before they disappear. Focus has been very good - even on motorcycles.

I will be shooting my first soccer game of the season this Saturday and while I plan to continue to use my MkIV's for field sports, I am going to take the 1DX along and shoot with it a bit during warmups.

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