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Re: What Makes Aftershot better.

Jim Cockfield wrote:

In any event, I think most photographers wouldn't need anything you couldn't do in that type of product (LR4 or ASP), unless you're into very heavy editing with tool pallets.

So, do most of what you need in ASP via it's editing tools (including any curves, etc, so that you're working at a higher bit depth, since the released 2.8 version of it doesn't support higher bit depths yet)

That should have read "since the released 2.8 version of GIMP doesn't support higher bit depths yet"

Note that there are other editing tools available for Linux, too. But, neither LR4 or AfterShot Pro are designed as replacements for editors like Paint Shot Pro or Photoshop. They're in different categories.

But, again, I doubt most photographers need anything they can't get via a tool like ASP, unless they're into very heavy editing versus typical adjustments you'd want to make to an image (just like most photographers wouldn't need a product like Photoshop).

Then, any final tweaks you need after exporting to jpeg for print or display, use GiMP for. Note that the developers already have support for higher bit depths working in GiMP (they posted that info on the main page in May). Scroll down the the May 4 entry on their main page and you'll see that discussed:


So, the next developer preview they release for download should include that support. They made a lot of progress with GIMP 2.8 compared to the older 2.6 versions; and we should see a lot of new features leading into GIMP 2.10, too, with some 2.9.x developer snapshots along the way).

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