B & H bad business practice

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Re: B & H bad business practice

Truly.. You're giving yourself FAR too much credit (no pun intended). Like most everyone else here my experiences with B&H are the standard I judge ALL other photographic suppliers by, period.

With the amount of volume B&H does in a single day (in store, online and by phone) do you REALLY think that your $3000 transaction will put them over the top (or under) financially? You accused them in your first post of "sitting" on it for "obvious" reasons.. What obvious reason, to make interest on your money somehow? How much interest do you think you can make on $3000 for a couple of days? Do some math. It's pennies in the grand scheme of things.

It's also clear from this post you didn't reach out to Henry. His offer was to help you, which could very easily also meant looking into the situation if one of the CSRs was wrong (which is still unproven)... If you really felt B&H needed some improvement, there was your opportunity. I have to question, now, why you didn't..

billorg wrote:

I posted here so someone at B&H would help me since I got nowhere on the phone and I know they monitor the forum.

Surprise surprise - as soon as I posted here and without talking to Henry, the credit was put through - albeit in 2 pieces (?) for some reason..but it adds up to the right amount. Weird.


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