Pen EP-2 still worth buying?

Started Aug 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Errors are made indeed

The notion that the E-P2 is slow to focus is due to the first gen lenses only.

As I said I tested both the PL3 and the E-P2 both with the 14-42 II and the 17mm and found them almost comparable. The diffference might be in the shutter lag only, not in the AF.

As for practical use, I use the E-P2 and 17mm in street shooting which requires quick responses and I have no problem with that. By comparison the PL3 often gave me blurry images, because it is much lighter, and has an inferior IBIS.

So practical use makes all the difference. There is also a general consequence. In Oly equipment the fast AF is almost entirely due to the new lenses. I suppose because they have linear motors, and light focussing groups with little inertia. So if you put new lenses on old bodies AF will be boosted.


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