Milky Way shots with Nikon 14 - 24/2.8 lens

Started Aug 22, 2012 | Discussions thread
Todd Hargis Senior Member • Posts: 2,293
Re: Milky way & lens for sale!

This is a really nice photograph taken with that 14 – 24 lens, very good! My first Milky Way photograph was taken with the Nikon D3 about four years ago and it was also very impressive but I only had a 20 mm lens. I have taken several shots of the Milky Way so far with my D800E and using my Astro track to follow the sky for five or six minute exposures.

IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED, I HAVE A 14 – 24 F/2.8G LENS FOR SALE! You can also take photographs like this with that lens please contact me for information. Here is a link with photographs for my item.


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