t4i low frame per second

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Re: t4i low frame per second

I had already tried changing the settings you mention with no luck.

I also tried reformatting the card at low level as suggested by DSHAPK, but that did not work either.

However, I found the option for resetting to factory defaults, after which time I could shoot at 5 FPS seemingly forever at Large Jpeg. Yipee!

I then went through the options and set at least 10 items to other settings (but kept it on Large Jpeg). Magically, I could only shoot 3 frames again at 5FPS...
I cannot remember which settings I changed (I did NOT set anything to RAW).
I performed a factory reset again and could shoot at 5FPS forever again...

If I get around to doing the research about which setting caused the issue, I will post it here.

Thanks for your assistance,

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