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About the shutter sound...

Mouser wrote:

No need to read specs - I remember the electronic shutter and "F" button perfectly well. However, you were talking about the mechanical shutter ("the V1 is much quieter even with the mechanical shutter"). I agreed it is quieter, but the OM-D is hardly "shutter smashing".

Well, all depends on your expectations. The OMD compared with for example the or D7000 is very loud, so for me it is indeed "shutter smashing" even if you don't like the expression. I have not opened it to see how the shutter moves, but to me it felt like moving towards my left hand because the smash felt mostly there, but even in the right hand. The sound is almost the same as the E-3 was and in fact, even the D300s feels softer, better damped, even though that camera is also very noisy compared with the D7000. The V1 is considerably softer and quieter. I tested them in the same environment side by side, and like I said, the OMD was not broken.

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