Pen EP-2 still worth buying?

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P2 Ergonomics are fantastic ...

I love the P2. I own three of them. I also have the smaller PL3 and the PM1. Of the three models, my favorite is the P2. I like the way it feels in the hand, the solid build, and the button placement. (I call it my "poor man's Leica). My second favorite is the PM1. I do not find having to click through screens rather than use buttons cumbersome. However, I find the ergonomics of the PL3 a bit awkward. The buttons are strung across the top and squished together on the side, no doubt due to the real estate needed for the tilting screen. On that body I have to hunt and peck to find buttons.

The downsides to the P2 are autofocus (it's slower than the PL3 and the PM1) and a lower burst rate. If you can believe DPReview, high ISO performance is slightly higher in the P2 than the PL3 and PM1 suggesting that Olympus has been tweaking the 12 MP sensor in different ways for different modles. Bottom line: the P2 is best for landscape photography. The other two work better for actions shots. I tend to use the PL3 only for taking photos of my grandchildren to take advantage of the faster autofocus and the tilting screen. When faster autofocus is not needed or I'm shooting manual (my preference), I use a P2.

Since Olympus has tended to use the same menu system and sensor for the PENs over the years, as a generalization the major differences between the PENs has been form factor and ergonomics. Given the latter, for me the P2 is a classic. It can be had for a "song" (either new or refurbished) through Cameta Camera.

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