companion camera for xz1

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Re: companion camera for xz1


With your budget, I think you did as well as you possibly can. A dslr will only give you significantly better performance if you end up buying faster lenses for it. The xz-1 lens is nice and fast at 1.8-2.5, one of the best out there, while the kit lens that comes with any dslr will be much slower at 3.5-5.6. Really, no benefit to the SLR unless you get a faster lens too, like a 35mm or 50mm 1.8, which should run $100-150 extra.

I think you got a great deal, the xz-1 will take nice shots, and it's much easier to take with you when packing all the kid supplies, so why not try it out, and if it's not working out in a few weeks you can always get a dslr, but chances are it will end up over $500.

Good luck!

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