Thom's recent post on D800: It doesn't end

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Re: It sure sounds like something is warped and it is not the D800

Thom makes an interesting point. That as more people submit claims to Nikon, that makes them take all the claims more seriously and gives them more data.

Ill be submitting a claim for my D800 against them later today, with the appropriate test images.

I would also like to take a moment to thank all the posters like em-dee-h who have been at the front of this issue and delivering much needed information to these boards. I am putting off having my camera fixed until they actually have a reliable fix, and appreciate the up to date info on whether the repair is working. Im certainly not getting that information from Nikon.

I also appreciate it must be frustrating dealing with trolls like Nippondense, so thanks for perservering in the face of their childishness (yes, its bad technique (on a tripod!) that makes the left point focus differently from the right. It must be the weight of my eyeball looking in a different direction thats causing it). Very silly.

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