Sell DSLR for Nex 7 Dilema

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Re: Sell DSLR for Nex 7 Dilema

Thanks ryansholl...

the 16-50mm pancake sounds nice although might be out of my budget

Good to hear you too feel the AF is fine for candid type shots as that was an area of concern for me

Thanks EinsteinsGhost...

like your idea of keeping the kit lense for candid type of shots with kids and put use some fast primes in addition

thanks 007peter...

Sound advice ! my budget (or should i say wife) might be a problem lol but thanks for your input

Richard Ettinger...

Again thanks for your input on AF - will have to look into focus peaking a bit more i did have a look at focus peaking using magic lantern on 600d so assume you are talking about the same thing here ?

I think you are right, i think the NEX7 will reinvigorate my interest in shooting since i am more likely to have the camera with me in more occasions.

Thanks for everyones advice.....

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