Any users of older Ricoh digicams?

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Guy Parsons
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R3 here......

Tom Caldwell wrote:


The R3/R4/R5. Perhaps the only true consumer level camera with both phase-detect and contrast detect focus built in. I seem to recollect that there were three focus methods used by the camera. Hardly "hybrid" as I am sure that this was just the judicious combination of phase-detect and contrast-detect. Hardly "macro" which was more likely just slow contrast detect on it's own. I do know that "macro" could be used for slower, more precise, focusing over the full range of focus capability. Unlike other cameras using their "macro".

Perhaps someone can remind us?

R3 in my case. Some time back I did experiment to try and see how often phase detect or contrast detect was used. If conditions are good to average then phase detect seems to be favoured. Any lesser light level, close up, and/or maximum or near maximum tele and it drops to contrast detect. No real problems with either, maybe a bit quicker with phase detect, but overall it's a simple and quick camera yielding excellent results due to the low pixel density of about 20 MP per Cm squared.

Great images for an "old" camera - when we all worry ourself to death over what new feature the next model might bring.

I still grab the R3 for random macro shots at home. I also owned the R4 (now with my daughter) and also the R5, but the R5 did start to show too much detail smearing due to excessive noise reduction (Ricoh Australia swapped the R5 for an R4 at my request due to random focus errors happening way too often. That same random focus error also made my wife abandon the CX2 and move to a way better Casio ZR100). The R4 and R3 do less smearing and less focus errors (than R5 & CX2) so the images are better.

Regards....... Guy

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