HDR exposure calculation??

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Re: HDR exposure calculation??

hoakin1981 wrote:

Further to the subj. matter, i would like to clarify one important step when it comes to HDR photography. When i first discovered this specific style/technique i was very excited from its potential, however after using it for sometime i am somewhat dissapointed from my results.

My ultimate goal would be the most natural looking HDR photos possible, indistinguishable from an normal photograph. However the images i end up with still look too HDR-ry IMO. So what i need to clarify is this. When you calculate the exposures for each shot, the most "bright" one should be exposed in order not to blow out the highlights correct? Meaning that if i enter the AEB in my D300s for 5 shots (1 stop increment) i.e. and notice that the one with +2 stops has blown out the highlights, i should re-shoot the 5 exposures but with -1 or -2 as exposure compensation.

Furthermore i would really be interested from any HDR experts out there in any tips for natural looking HDR shots.

Many thanks in advance.

The exact opposite is true. Your darkest shot should not have blown highlights, NOT your brightest. Remember your darkest shots provide the data for highlights and your brightest exposures provide data for your shadow areas.

Here's an example - processed in Photomatix for a natural (not overly tonemapped) look.

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