EM-5 suitable for kids and pet photography?

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Re: That's not very sound advice...!

The 650D is painfully slow AF shooting from the LCD!!! Contrast AND PHASE detect AF!!!! compared to a E-M5.

AF-C is better than E-M5 but E-M5 AF-S is plenty fast and certainly not slower than 650D AF-S when using the 650D optical finder.
The 650D is cheaper though.
Oly's glass is better.

The 650D only has advantage because of existing lenses of OP

Roger Nordin wrote:

Since you shoot Canon, the 650D would give you all the advantages with a touchscreen and touch-to-AF-and-shoot etc for situations where AF speed is not critical, combined with the possibly of shooting with traditional blazing-speed phase-AF when required.

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