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Re: I beg to differ

sssesq wrote:

Theodoros Fotometria wrote:

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Obviously single shot digital is improving all the time..., if only single-shot could approach THIS QUALITY..., it will have to be seen (if it ever happens).



I see from you gallery that you have a few landscapes done with a D800E. As I recall you also posted some sort of comment about the D800, but I can't recall all the posts I have read in the past couple of months. What were your feeling about the D800e vs MF??

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On my site there is no picture (yet) with D800E, most of them are film and some are Fuji S5 pro, pictures done with D800e will soon be published.

Back to your requirement..., the D800E (not the plain) is the only DSLR that can compete directly with MF to an extend that the differences in IQ can be considered as insignificant, I think I have to explain this... MF has a certain character that up to now was in a class of its own against DSLRs, it takes advantage from the extra microcontrast and produces an image that not only has enough detail but it ends up with a processing curve which has impressive DR while at the same time preserves the "weight" of HLs and LLs... The D800e does that same thing while at the same time, can be used like any other DSLR, clearly the differences in IQ from other DSLRs (inc. D800plain) are much more obvious if processed with C1P1 like if it was a P1 MFDB.

If I was to compare my Contax + Imacon 528c against the D800E (in single shot of course), I could perhaps give a slight advantage to the MF combination when used at 50iso, but the D800E behaves like a MFDB even up to 400iso..., takes wider lenses and DOF can be controlled to be the same by using faster 35mm glass. Clearly if it wasn't for 528's multishot capability and for the ability of my Fuji GX680 to do what I was doing with my Sinar P2 (lens movements), I would have sold the MF system, not that a P65+ or an IQ180 won't be better than D800E, but rather that for those experienced with MFDBs, the differences between MFDBs are less important than the character of MF quality that the D800E shares....


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