CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: Pardon my ignorance....

When you shoot in JPG the camera applies all the curves to the data from CCD and then saves it in 8-bit per pixel jpg which is also lossy. It may be not bad if you set all the parameters like WB, contrast, sharpness, saturation and even exposition right. But in many cases the images need some color or brightness etc adjustments. Imagine you set the WB wrong or contrast too low or too high - you will lose the information. RAW images do not have contrast, WB, sharpness etc yet applied - you apply it later having time to finetune the images. You can even compensate for over- or under exposure as 12-bits have much wider dynamic range then 8-bits. In Nikon Capture you can apply your own curves and bring out some details from shadows for example which would not be possible in JPG. Taking pictures in RAW decreases the number of parameters you should think of when taking pictures (there are to many of them). You can forget about contrast and WB etc and put it off untill you're home. Also it has no JPG artifacts and is smaller than tiff while having more information. Also external algorithms are more powerfull then built in the camera - the camera should be fast saving pictures so there is no much time to do sophisticated interpolation or sharpness.

They call RAW a "digital negative" - it gives more flexibility in post-processing.

Eightlake wrote:

What is the benefit for me to use this RAW format for pictures. I
seem to be doing just fine with jpg format? I love the pictures my
4500 produces and combined with PS it is way beyond my limited
capabilities anyway.

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