Interesting Legal Judgement

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Re: Interesting Legal Judgement

Central Fla wrote:

The queers get special rights, they won leagal action against a photography business. The ten commandmants were removed from an Alabama courthouse, We are suppose to overlook but everyone else wants our lifestyle removed from site. God is removed from schools and even the Christian students have been forced to stop praying on school grounds. The local church in my town had to remove all literature and speak nothing about church or services in their food pantry that feeds families and recieves a few hundred dollars a month in grants to help. You say the Christians deserve nothing extra, open your eyes, our rights are violated everyday. I dont want to hear what people do in their bedroom and I dont want to have to explain to my nephews and nieces why we are not going to the theme park today because I would have to explain what all the pink shirts are for queer day, thus exposing them to it. When I was in the Navy I visited San Francisco during Fleet week and I saw two appx 10 year old boys lip locked with each other then laughing as we stared, you think that was a "they didn't choose" situation. There was a school district in Texas (I blieve Texas) that was fighting to keep books out of elementary classrooms that specifically taught about "families with two Dads, do you think those children will be effected ? The queer crap needs to stay away from our children and thats the problem. Maybe they would not be so badly treated if they were to keep what they do out of other peoples lives. My friends do not walk in and announce that they screwed their wife last night. But you will not give others the right to keep this and all sexuality away from children so they can have a decent childhood without having to learn about this, instead we have to explain it to them, But you condemn me for being who I am.

So for all those poeple and yourself, I suppose you would be happy when your daughter comes home from school and gets her first passionate kiss from another girl on your front lawn. I also take it that you are gay and and teach your children that they can date someone of the same sex because it is normal, wait, what did you say, your not gay, you dont teach your children that, THEN STOP TELLING EVERYONE ELSES CHILDREN THAT IT IS NORMAL !!!!

All I have to say is that you are just a homophobic bigot, pure and simple.

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