CP4500 has a RAW mode!

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Re: deadpixel mapping (to AlexMld)

I don't know much about this but as far as I know it is automatic - on remapping the camera takes a long (about 10s) shot, calculates an average brightness of pixels and then starts searching for pixels that have a difference with the average over a certain threshold, then if there are too many of them it increases the threshold and repeats etc. untill it has less than 512 of them. I guess this should work good enough so you won't need to enter pixels manually.

jaime wrote:
thanks Alex, that would be great... about the deadpixel mapping, as
I understand your post, the in-camera procedure is automatic? so,
there's no way that you can tell the position of the deadpixel you
want to map?

AlexMld wrote:
Yes there is a way to read this map and also there is a special
command that forces the camera to recreate this map. The number of
deadpixels in the table will also greatly depend on the temperature
of the matrix so the longer you wait after you turn on the camera
and before you update the map the more pixels will be considered as
as you can see on the picture, the number of deadpixels
1 - after turning the camera on (163)
2 - in 15 minutes (214)
3 - after keeping the camera on for a long time (291)
I will ask this guy if he can create some publically available
program to manage dead pixels.


jaime wrote:

Alex, that's great news!, do you think there's a possibility to
create a program to map the deadpixels for the 4500?, that would be
a great utility to users that live in a country with no Nikon
support (like mine).



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