real field test for OMD against full frame DSLR

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Re: real field test for OMD against full frame DSLR

I use an Olympus EM5 and a Nikon D4 as my primary cameras.

After getting the EM5, I sold my Leica M9. The EM5 is, in my opinion, a better travel and all purpose camera.

After getting my D4, I sold my D3x. The D4 is a dream. A sharp shooting, fast firing dream.

I have the 2 piece grip mounted full time on my EM5 and find it immeasurably improves ergonomics. Even with it I find the EM5 to be light and easy to carry all day. My hardest decision is which great lens do I take with me.

With Sony putting out new sensors with built in phase detection I expect some higher performance AF for tracking in the near future from Olympus. If they improve the buffer, increase the write speeds, and reduce the EVF blackout they will be competitive with the big guns from Nikon and Canon even for fast moving action.

So many great cameras now. It is a golden age.


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