RX100 cf A900 + Minolta 100 mm macro

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Re: Sony A900 vs Sony RX100 pixel size and image comparison

alanlinde wrote:


Yes there is some fall off in the corners but less than I would have anticipated. But (excuse the repetition!!) I really am impressed by this small package.


Hi Alan, thanks very much indeed for the trouble you have gone to in publishing the comparative images for the RX100 and the A900.

I can well imagine why you are really impressed with the RX100, its relatively small pixels seem to be very well suited to capturing very clear detail, even for objects that are quite a distance from the camera.

Although the A900 is 4 years old, it still does a great job, but I am a little surprised that a tiny camera like the RX100 would produce images that seem to be just as clear (if not a bit clearer) than those of the mighty A900!

As a second "in the pocket" camera to the A900 or A77, it would be a great back-up, and I can see that, after a while, you might decide to leave the bigger cameras at home, particularly just for casual outings etc.

To help people understand the arithmetical relationships between pixel size, field of view etc. of the RX100 vs the A900, I have produced this summary:


Just look at how many megapixels the A900 would have on board if it had the same pixel density as the RX100!


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