100 mm F2.8L IS Macro

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Re: 100 mm F2.8L IS Macro

Christopher D Mann wrote:

Bill, Great post and nice shots. I have been shooting both lenses the 100L macro and the 135F2L and for what I want to do with it even though people keep telling me go with the IS lens, I do think for portraits the 135 will serve me better as I do not like to be in peoples faces when shooting and I like to maintain at least a 10 ft working distance from subject. Good point about using 100 for mid distance range portrait lens. Yes your info did help. Thank you. Was also wanting to know when I was shooting my 5D3 with 135 lens and images properly exposed I got some darker shots at F2. There will be some vignetting I now on FF. But was wondering if you have experienced this with this lens. Thanks again.

Thanks and you’re welcome.

While I like the 100L for macro and events, I agree that the 135L is the better choice for portraits (and sports too).

I’ve never experienced any noticeable vignetting with my 135L on full frame. The only time I’ve experienced “darker shots” was when I was using a flash and it failed to fire or misread the focal length.

Hope this helps and good luck with your purchase. The 135L is also an amazing lens.

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