This weekend wedding photos...

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Re: Yeah, but where's the parking?

Except that context can be everything...

We're looking at images from a perfectionist point of view as to what looks best - but cropping out those signs may be missing a vital part of the couples' memories. We don't know their mind-set but given the high quality of the images I'm guessing this wasn't an oversight.

I actually like the tilted horizon (could have been more even...) as it engages me in the sweeping motion of the couple. And I love the wide shot wit the bridesmaids. I often shoot too tight and since I've started to shoot wider to context to the shot I've found that extra "breathing space" has improved my work considerably.

These are darn fine shots. I'm surprised that the first comments were not quite so positive. (it's a dangerous place to put images up on this forum... )


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