Bracketed pictures with Nex-7?

Started Aug 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Bracketed pictures with Nex-7?

Its a shame that the NEX-7 doesnt have the touch screen of the 5n. The touch screen means I can manually change exposures (via shutterspeed) without chaning the camera position due to the light touch.

Generally I'll find the optimum exposure and then "touch" down 6 times, expose, then three times up, expose, and so on until I have 5 exposures covering 4 stops (or 7 or 9 or whatever).

Its not the fastest but it does the job and I have had no issues with it. Its not as good (or as fast) as a properly implemented HDR function but it does the job. Seeing as I take tripod landscapes only, this isnt really an issue for me.

The other good thing about the 5n (and more so the 7) is that a single exposure covers quite a lot of dynamic range so there is good scope for extracting an HDR out of a single exposure.

All in all I am very happy and there is no way I would go back to my 5D2 and large primes now.

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