Nakky D5100 kit x D3100 plus stuff?

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Re: Nakky D5100 kit x D3100 plus stuff?

How is the used/refurb market in your area? A D90 is an option worth considering and would also allow the purchase of D lenses which typically are less expensive than G lenses. (especially if purchased used)

I've owned the D3100 and currently own the D5100, both are excellent cameras and there are few situations where I got a shot with the D5100 where I would not have been able to with the d3100. The high ISO performance is better on the D5100, but the differences between these two pale when compared to the difference between DX and full frame.

For me the reasons why I grabbed a D5100 to replace my D3100 were the improved high ISO performance, better dynamic range, and better articulated LCD. If I had to choose again today between the D90 and D5100 it would be a tougher decision, but I'd likely go with the D5100 again. (The screw drive makes a difference when you begin looking at glass, and the ability to act as a flash commander is nice)

Good luck with your decision.

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