Clear Image Zoom examples (XR100)

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Re: night zooms, hand held

XII ZOOM 4 types available (only for Jpegs)

The icon and zoom bar on the screen changeS in accordance with the zoom type you use.

A: Optical Zoom at Image Size L (20mp) 3.6x 28mm to 100mm

Face Detection works in Optical Zoom only
Optical Zoom Only for: Smile Shutter, Self-portrait, RAW or RAW & JPEG

B: Extended Optical Zoom,

no deterioration in the original image quality, (by trimming image processing).
Image Size M (10mp) 5.1x 28mm to 142mm
Image Size S (5mp) 7.2x 28mm to 202mm

VGA size (0.3mp) 28x 28mm to 784mm (sounds crazy, but try it, lcd looks like crap, take the shot, omg)

C: Clear Image Zoom ‘near optical’ zoom (double the extended optical zoom ranges)

Image Size L (20mp) 7.2x 28mm to 202mm
Image Size M (10mp) 10.0x 28mm to 280mm
Image Size S (5mp) 14.0x 28mm to 392mm

VGA size (0.3mp) 54x 28mm to 1,512mm (it is insane, the shot I just got)

D: Digital Zoom Less than the original image quality (I never try digital zoom)

my close up zoom samples (pic names give mp and zoom info: the 5mp 14x clear zoom is 392 mm equivalent and quite sharp.


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