Just posted: Our Canon EOS 650D/T4i review

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Re: Just posted: Our Canon EOS 650D/T4i review

Great job.

I have waited half year for this model. I think T4i is the most universal APS-C camera on the market today (in this class). Yes, I am happy with it (switching from Nikon D40x). I don't prefer any m43 because of small sensor with worse depth of field. Still loving analog viewfinder for creative photography... but also loving movie mode with DOF of APS-C.

The touchscreen is really great controller and makes operating very fast and intuitive. The best is zooming to details of captured picture. It couldn't be faster!

The question about conclusion: why is the 650D much worse than 600D/60D in the parameter "video/movie mode" score in graph? The image quality is nearly the same, has improved AF, especially with 18-135 STM lens is well usable. In my opinion and personal experience, T4i/650D is the best in this aspect between of booth them. Ok, 650D hasn't crop mode "digital zoom", is this real reason? The video score of 650D is even worse than Nikon 5100, which has unusable manual mode, worse AF, ugly exposure gain shifting...

Thank you for your work

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