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Re: I have a question

Backgrounds are key to an image. In wildlife photography it is so easy to ignore the background as you are watching the animal that you have no control of it's movements. Sometimes just moving a little left, right, up or down can really make the image.

Here is one from Alaska shot with a 500mm that I had to get down on my stomach to photograph in order to line the eagle with the mountains that are about 20 miles away. Anything else would of been a bird with a boring background.

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

When you photograph the birds, do you think about the background?

I ask this because the backgrounds are actually quite interesting to me. I know that it's all shallow dof blah blah blah. But do you consider it?

This is really not my thing. I think birding is boring beyond belief, and you have to be like a hunter, quiet and watchful. So anytime I've tried it, I just get devoured by mousquitoes, and flies and bees buzz around me, and I'm just totally miserable.

I'm glad you're different than me though. And you're fairly adept at your art. Thanks for sharing.

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