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Re: membership vs open to all -you made a choice

Does a model have the right to say "I won't do nudes"?
Yes, photographers are not a protected class

If a model was asked to if she would model yellow clothes and she said no could she be sued?
No, unless she previously contracted an agreement saying she would wear yellow

Does a jewish prisoner have the right to kosher food?

Yes, religion is a protected class. Now the Department of Corrections can say NO if they can show that it would be difficult, costly or dangerous to do so.

Does a catholic have the right to fish on friday?

Yes, abstaining from meat is considered by some Catholics to be part of their faith. That is why they eat fish on Friday

Does a Muslim have the right for afternoon prayer?
Yes, religion is a protected class

Does a photographer have a right to say "I only do landscapes"?
Yes, unless they only tell gay customers

Does a portait photographer have the right to refuse a portrait of a sexual act?
Yes, unless they only tell gay customers

Does a restaurant have the right to require a tie?
Yes, restaurants can require dress codes as long as they apply to all customers


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