companion camera for xz1

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Re: companion camera for xz1

anniejohn wrote:

Actually, for me, as a single mother, $500 IS a big deal. The only reason I'm considering the dslr is that baby and childhood is so precious (for me miraculous, literally), that I wanted to preserve it to the degree one can with the best shots I could manage.

You will never carry your DSLR with you, because there will already be too much stuff you'll need to worry about, so anything even slightly inconvenient will fall by the wayside. This is true even in a two parent household, so I can only imagine that it will be even more true in a one parent household.

You'll take more shots with a camera that's always in your pocket/purse than a camera that sits on a shelf at home. No matter how good the shelf camera is, it'll rarely see use.

I went with a m43 camera, the Olympus E-PM1 (instead of the XZ-1, coincidentally), since the m43 cameras, at the time, were the only small cameras with fast autofocus speeds. Given the choice today, I might have picked up the Sony RX100.

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