Should I sell my 5Dii for an OM-D?

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Re: I did...

Was I serious? Yes. Perhaps we all see a bit of copy variation, but I have no reason to unnecessarily criticize a lens that I own and intend to keep (45mm). I thought the 85 1.8 was 85% of a truly great lens, the 1.2 ii, at 25% of the cost. Certainly not a "dog wide open". Completely agree that purple fringing was definitely an issue, but LR managed it quite well for me. AF was scary fast and accurate, even on an AF 'dog' like the 5d2.

amtberg wrote:

statetaxman wrote:

I'm seeing the 75mm producing something close though...which is why I am eagerly awaiting my pre-order. Another poster mentioned the 45MM as providing equal results to L lens. I own the 45mm, and it's a great, cheap, light lens, but it isn't as good as the Canon 85 1.8, 1.2 ii or Sigma 85 1.4, which I've owned and used all extensively.

Seriously? I think the 45/1.8 is head and shoulders above the Canon 85/1.8. My 85mm was a dog wide open and produced copious purple fringe even stopped down.

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