iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

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Re: iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

FlightDeck wrote:

JonV wrote:

I'm about to implement this same setup. I think you're saying th moral of the story is that I should NOT rename the RAW files upon upload to the PC either. I've usually done a rename to date_seq#.cr2. If I do that it wold be as bad as letting the iPad rename as far as syncing goes.

It might work Jon, but I would experiment first on a few files before trying it on an important set.

There are several file-matching options in the Lightroom plugin. One of them allows the plugin to try to match files based on the sequence numbers, using a pattern "#1234#.#". (The # are actually asterisks, but depreview keeps converting them into bold type, stupid...) I think that this option, combined with the date/time match option, should let the LR plugin find the matching raw files.

It is possible though that it could slow down the syncing process, if the wildcard search makes it take longer to locate matching files. (Before I got the filename problem sorted out I tried doing a match on only date/time and it took foreverrrrr..., barely 3 files per minute.)

Stumbling around I found this article on PhotoSmith regarding JPG Proxy Workflow:


In it it says:

Once you reach your Mac or PC running Lightroom, ingest your camera raw files into Lightroom. At this time, please do NOT rename files on ingest into Lightroom, as it could cause file matching to fail. This is an issue we're looking to solve in a future plugin update.

My eye-fi gets delivered today and I have LR and photosmith installed so I hope to put it all together tonight.

The doc also said:

Proxy JPG workflow will not work for people that only have one card in their camera. When importing images via the Camera Connection Kit, we're forced to use Apple's Photos.app to import your images. Photos.app isn't smart enough to import by filetype, so it slurps up everything from the card, both camera raw and JPG.

I may be "that guy" since my T3i only has the one card slot. AM I reading into it that cameras with dual cards can write JPGs to one card and RAWs to the other? Therefore, one would use the eye fi card for the jpgs?

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