D800 - flash mode settings, please help

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Re: D800 - flash mode settings, please help

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Could someone please shed some light over this matter for me? I have a D800 and use its built in flash to trigger 2 groups of speedlights, 2 SB900 and 2 SB700. I normally like to control the amount of light and thus most of the times I use them in M mode. I don't really understand if it matters what I have teh speedlights set to (TTL M or GN) if my in teh commander mode D800 is set to M for both groups and -- for built in flash (to emit only pre-monitor flashes)..Do I need to set all, teh commander in D800 and all remotes in M mode? Can you guys please explain what does a setting vs the other?

It's standard CLS stuff, except you're using the D800 itself as the Commander rather than an external flash.

Each individual flash needs to be set to "Remote" mode. Once there, settings of Manual, TTL, etc. will only be available at the Commander (D800). However, you will want to assign each remote flash to the same Channel (1-4) and ensure that the Commander (D800) is also set to the same channel used at the remotes. Since you're using 4 external flashes and wish to divide them into 2 groups, assign each pair to an individual group (A-C).

Back at the Commander (D800), assuming you set the 2 pairs of remote flashes to Group A and Group B respectively, each of those two individual groups can be set to TTL, Manual (at any available power setting), etc. Setting the Commander (D800 internal flash) to "--" will prevent it from firing anything other than control pulses.

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Tom Young

Thanks Tom. I think you hit the point...So you are saying that once I set all my 4 remote flashes to remote from the switch that reads on/off/remote/master, then it won't matter what flash mode I'm into @ remotes, that is TTL/M/GN, correct? This is the part I'm not sure of, also when would that matter, care to give an example please?

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