My Olympic photos (NSFW)

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Re: Thanks guys, but...

Karaya wrote:

I do appreciate the technical tips on archery but lets stay on track here. This is a series of artistic nude photographs - not a archery training series. The model had some experience in archery, and her escort had a background in track and field. We discussed the technical details quite a bit and I pointed out that, while we would try to be as technically correct as possible, what looked good would have to trump whatever was most correct when the two came into conflict, i.e. good art usually requires some artistic license!

I was mostly thinking that the elbow position of the drawing arm actually diminished the dynamism of the picture...I recognize the validity of artistic license. But that particular piece of artistic license says "doink" to me, not "Pfshhhhhhh......Thhpppp!!"

This reminds me of an npr piece wrt recording the sights and sounds of olympic competition, in which the last few olympics had transformed into more of an artistic representation, than a journalistic one, because of the effort to recreate the sounds of the competitors, not the drowning noise of the audience.

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