D800 - flash mode settings, please help

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Re: D800 - flash mode settings, please help

gisle wrote:

I am not sure if I understand this correctly, but if you're using the D800 flash as commander for the two remote groups, the remote flashes must be set to "Remote" (by means of the little switch on the back of the flash) and not anything else.

However, if your question is: Does it matter what mode the flash was set to before I set it to "Remote"? The the answer is "No".

When the flash is set to "Remote" mode, you control it with the settiings on the camera, not with the settings on the flash itself.
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Thanks for your time. Actually I wasn't talking about the switch that reads off/on/remote/master. Of course that needs to be set to remote. I was talking about the button on the side of the flash (SB700), that reads TTL/M/GN. What is this set to if I want to use the D800 power settings while using the built in as commander? The M on the flash and M in commander mode for each group confuse me, not sure which one take precedence over the other, and how they work with each other?

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