Time lapse photography with the OMD EM-5 (first attempt)

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Re: Time lapse photography with the OMD EM-5 (first attempt)

hindesite wrote:

You'll make me cry.

The best way to get started in timelapse is with a cheap "disposable" camera, preferably a CHDK supported Canon P&S. That way, you can concentrate on the technique without worrying about the equipment getting wet, stolen or wearing out.

There is quite a lot to learn about timelapse, and the best way to do this is by experimentation.

While the OM-D will produce superb results, this is irrelevant when learning how to do timelapse, and you are just wearing out a very expensive camera unnecessarily.

All of my timelapses have been done with a Canon PowerShot SD800 IS; I could use my E-P1, but with around 80,000 exposures on the Canon to date I'm pretty sure the E-P1 would be nearing the end of its life if not dead already..


With wide landscape shots, under expose for the clouds slightly. I find that about 5-6s between exposures works well for most weather, and gives me the right compromise between filling the card and running out of battery. Don't capture larger files than you need, unless you plan on cropping (or even panning) in the final result.

I use Avidemux to make the videos, it supports a decent range of filters and output formats.

I suppose I'm lucky with my location, as there is always something happening over the front fence.

very cool shots!
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