How bad is the AF on the 5D Mark II

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Re: How bad is the AF on the 5D Mark II

Have never had a problem with my 5DII with either. Lenses play here as well. Shooting a 50mm 1.4 or 85 1.8, I don't have any issues.. my 24-70 likewise has no problems.

The 5DmkIII clearly provided a better AF system, but it is clearly not fast enough to be considered a true sports camera (the 7D - especially with the new fw - is faster than the 5DmkIII and has greater reach with excellent IQ).

So, what are you using a FF 5Dxx family camera for? Portrait, Landscape? Do you really need 63 focusing points for either? I see is in the 1Dx but that's a totally different body. Take the next case.. video.. the 5DmkIII can't take full advantage of the new 40mm Pancake lens' STM real time autofocus, yet the new T4i can? If I had gotten a 5DmkIII I think I'd be screaming at Canon.

Don't get me wrong, the 5DmkIII is a great camera with an excellent AF and metering system and super IQ, but you have to ask yourself what will be the FF camera (with video) that will encompass things Canon flat left out on the mkIII. In the meantime, the 5DmkII is far less $$ ($$$ that can be used for high end glass), is likely going to be used in the same type environment as a 5DmkIII (unless you need 6 FPS to shoot a bride walking down the aisle.

I just think the next turn of the FF crank is the jump from the 5DmkII that will really be the non 1Dx FF camera to have (whatever that is and whenever it gets here).

Mikael Risedal wrote:

5dmk2 AF has problem i low light/contrast situations, shooting against backlighssituaions

andyus08 wrote:

It all depends on what style of shooting you have.

I've just bought 5D2 used recently. To my opinion, it works very well with center focus point ( i've never used other point, so i don't have comments). My mainly shooting style is portrait, architecture...not sport or anything moving fast.

In case of shooting sport, like local soccer game..., i use pre-focus method.

Anyway, if i have $$$, i will go with 5D3 for sure.

Good luck.


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