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Re: companion camera for xz1

Actually, for me, as a single mother, $500 IS a big deal. The only reason I'm considering the dslr is that baby and childhood is so precious (for me miraculous, literally), that I wanted to preserve it to the degree one can with the best shots I could manage. I've consistently read great things here about the xz1, which is why it was my first choice, but I also keep reading about the limitations it can have, particularly when working with children. Everyone's advice is valuable, since you all have worked with many many more cameras in many many more situations than I have, which is why I'm soliciting it. Micro 4 thirds, point and shoot, dslr, travel zoom--there are SO many choices. And it's BECAUSE $500 means a lot to me that I'm trying to make the best choice possible.

At the same time, again because babyhood is so precious, I don't want to have to spend a ton of time futzing with a camera or processing files with software, because those are minutes I don't get back with the Bug.


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