NEX 7 Concerns to Sony Support

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Re: NEX 7 Concerns to Sony Support

I have expressed my concerns over this same issue with Sony, Here is what I have posted on your thread.

Sony we need some serious response to this Overheating issue!!

I have made what I consider an expensive investment in Sony Nex Cameras, Lens's, and Camcorder! All based upon having a flexible 2 Camera setup. I littererly have half a camera with this overheating issue! I'm really frustrated with this, I don't know what I'm going to do. Sony, your so called fix for this makes absolutely no sense. I payed premium dollars for a Zoom lens with OSS, why would I want to turn off one of the best features of the lens I purchased for video? WTF? Your marketing statements are totally miss leading!

I'm really concerned because I don't think you have an answer to fix it! Not in firmware either. In your Next, NEX camera upgrade, I would surely hope that your engineering team is currently working on a fix for this Overheating issue, NONE of your Competition in the small camera market have this issue, Not P&S, NOT DSLR's, NOT MFTrds! FIX it,!! I would also like an FREE upgrade to what ever is the equal camera or newer in the same price point or close, or some type of monetary value in return for my unreliable SONY NEX7! Most of the time I believe in making my point clearly and with respect, however, this issue has really irked me, do to its gross miss representation. Your support answers are of know help at this time. I hope you are reading this, and passing it on to the correct department head or team. You have had plenty of time to make a public statement or an announcement as to your intentions are on this issue. I can assure you that this will not go away! I'm seriously thinking about considering a Class Action Law Suite, I have the resources and the time should I decide on this matter.

The ball is in your court Sony!

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