assistance with comparison of Nikon d5100 and Sony a65

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Re: toomanycanons e: assistance with comparison of Nikon d5100 and Sony a65

baloo_buc wrote:

Sony has 24 MP and losses 30% of the light by design.

There is a handful of good Sony lenses but the price is higher than Canon or Nikon offerings (in Romania at least).

There's more than a handful of excellent Sony glass and if you account for all the excellent Minolta glass available, there's little to be desired (about 400 AF lenses).

I don't know exactly why but Sony never came close to the competition using the same sensors (both in compact cameras and in large sensor cameras).

This is another persistent myth. It's only really the case with the A900 vs D3X (which did cost several times as much too and was released later..) in terms of noise and DR, but the former still has much better colour separation.

An A500 is no worse than a D300S in terms of noise, or DR throughout the range, a 5N or A580 has the same noise levels as a D7000 or 5100 etc etc.

It's the SLT's that lose up to half a stop extra due to the current design where the AF sensors get a constant light feed aswell.

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