EM-5 suitable for kids and pet photography?

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EM-5 suitable for kids and pet photography?

Hi everyone,

After months of waiting for a Sony FF, weeks of reading about m4/3, and days of discovering EM-5.

I think the A99 is a unicorn and looks like the EM-5 is a good solid camera providing most of what I originally wanted out of a FF body with modern amateur amenities.

I've read count less reviews of the EM-5 and have no doubt regarding its features and IQ especially the lens arsenal advantage over the NEX.

The sensor is most of the 5Dii.
The Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 is worthy of a $1000 body.

I believe the EM-5 in RAW, 12-35, and Lr4 will make a great combination.

However I want to get a clear feedback on AF performance that I value as much as IQ. I'm buying a camera to keep priceless memories of my 7yr son and 2mo puppy. Both will NOT sit still for a camera and to make it worse, the Taiwanese lifestyle is mostly indoors.

With my current LX-5 and Canon 400D+Sigma 17-70 I have the following problem. The LX-5 actually gives me better IQ than the 400D under good light but goes to hell above ISO 1600. My 400D has a soft/slow lens and ISO1600, which is too slow most of the time.

The LX-5 is great portable but helplessly slow trying to catch up to my son and puppy. Its shot to shot speed and worse contrast-focus and tracking speed is useless on those 2 subjects. Thus I'm having to fall back on the 400D and its phase-detection focus even though I'll be taking a hit on IQ and under exposing. At the moment I'm making due with the cheap 50mm f/1.8II but thats too long indoors.

I'm sure the 2011 contrast detecting focus of EM-5 is much better than my LX-5, but WILL IT KEEP UP WITH KIDS AND PETS? Will this new mirror-less body focus and track as well as my 7yr old phase-detecting DSLR body?

Please fellow EM-5 owners who shoots fast erratic moving subjects share your experience. Should I suck it up and go back to a DSLR or will this new breed of contrast-detecting body work well enough?

I played around with the Sony RX-100 just now in AF-C and it was a joke. It was hunting back and forth focus like a vibrator on a STATIONARY object! Seems like that's Sony's electronic solution to tracking just randomly hunt back and forth and catch the object if it moves. Will the EM-5 do that?


Canon EOS 400D (EOS Digital Rebel XTi / EOS Kiss Digital X) Canon EOS 5D Mark II Sony Alpha a99
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