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Re: Color-Outdoor shots

Very nice work!

In general, I like the color shots much better. Somehow, your BW shots look more static, while the color shots captured motion. Especially the javelin shot - the color version says "I'm ready to let fly", the BW - "I'm just standing there posing". I think it's the foot position that gives that impression, sorry, can't be more specific.

A couple of things I didn't quite like: In the BW bow and arrow shot, the hand holding the bow looks overextended (the elbow locked out) to the point of being uncomfortable. One thing I don't like in the color version, is the squint. She looks like she's staring straight into the sun, rather than at a target. (From what I remember, bow shooters use both eyes - a targeting squint is a firearm thing).

[edit] Almost forgot: The position of the right hand in the color bow shot is a bit off. The elbow should be pointing towards the back, in line with the arrow. The way she is standing now, she can't exert any real force on the string. In the BW shot, this is not as much of a problem, because the elbow is not visible [end edit]

Again, thank you so much for posting!

Like others said, dpreview forum rules don't allow nudity on the forums, even with NSFW warning. It's not a problem for me, but you may want to use links in the future, to avoid unnecessary "noise".

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