Surely this cannot be true?

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Re: Surely this cannot be true?

That super return policy comes at a cost. I go to Adorama and B&H often. I live in NYC so I am a walk-in customer, not online. And they DO re-sell returned stock as new. Some local people abuse the generous return policy and treat this as local rental store. Buy expensive lens for a weekend, play with the lens, take some nice shots, and then return it on Monday. So other customers have to pay for that.

I don't have return experience with camera returns, but I do have bad experience about lenses and filters. The stores are full of tourists shopping because the camera and lens prices are much better here. The stores are hoping some naive tourist will buy the returned items and leave the city before the return period.

Buying a suspicious item happened to me a few times. I could tell the box was carefully opened and closed and re-packed. One time, I was buying a lens and the box was already opened and lens was a total dog - not sharp at all at any F stop. I had to return for replacement the next day, the replacement was bad too, so I returned it and bought it online. My CP filter for my camera lens had a scratch, I returned it. My CP filter for my camcorder had signs of use, it was B+W filter and letter W was partially rubbed off!!!. (how is that possible?) But I didn't bother returning it as it was working fine. None of the filter or lens boxes were sealed with tape, so they require no cutting to open the box.

So the rest of my filters and lenses I got online. And I got them in pristine boxes. Ha

I admire Ken that he can make money online. It’s his website; he can say whatever he wants. I don’t have to believe everything he writes. Some articles are very useful, like his wide-angle lens comparison for DX. (I shoot DX D3200)

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