Canon 7D Firmware v2 - Problem?

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Re: I don't understand these Cx comments

Flying Fish wrote:

Isn't the point of the C1, C2, and C3 positions on the mode dial that you have pre-set shooting parameters that you've chosen for particular applications? If you want to change things around, then why not be in M, Av, or Tv modes? if you decide that you don't like one of the C settings you've chosen, you can of course change it, but it seems to me that those modes should be "sticky," no?

What C1/C2/C3 do is provide a pre-set default/starting setup for a particular shooting situation you've anticipated. For example, I have C3 configured for birds in flight. It's not that I do a lot of birds in flight, it's just that opportunities can come up very suddenly and flicking the dial round to C3 gives me a reasonable setup which will generally work. However, there is every chance I will want to fine-tune those settings such as by adjusting the exposure compensation according to the sky conditions. I might also switch between zone focusing and centre point with assist, to give another example.

When I next return to C3, say the following day, I need it to take me to my known, registered settings - not something different which I happened to have used the previous afternoon and have since forgotten. And that's what it does.

C1/C2/C3 are not just for unusual settings. You might wish to set one for "f/8 and be there" - a lowest-common-denominator setup for when you want to grab the camera and take a shot without having to worry about what nonsense settings the camera is currently in because it was last used by your daughter. Set it to C1 and you instantly know where you are - but you can still change anything you need.

The problem comes when the camera goes into sleep mode because (to go back to the birding example) you've been sitting in a hide for half an hour and not used the camera. Sleep mode throws away the adjustments you've made, and that is generally undesirable especially as you don't even know it has happened. This is the issue KatManDEW tells us has at last been fixed in the 5D3.

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