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One more follow-up

Still enjoying this light set. It's been fun seeing what it can do without constantly bumping into a ceiling. I remember when I first invested in the Canon wireless ETTL system almost 12 years ago... I spent weeks practicing and learning, but the learning was as much about learning its limitations and how to work with them as it was its capabilities. It is far less the case, here.

Anyway, one of the concerns I initially voiced about this system involved what I felt were limitations in the flash itself. In particular, that it's a mid-level flash at best regarding output, plus the fact that it does not support any sort of high-voltage accessory plugin in power supply.

I finally got out of the "real world" and tested these units a bit more objectively. First, the output. With a light meter, I got the following results with a full burst of each flash from the same distance and ISO:

Nissin Di866 - f11
Canon 550EX - 9.5
Yongnuo 460DX - f8
Canon 420EX - f6.7

I already knew that the Nissin was easily the more powerful of the bunch. I was surprised to see that the Yonguo wasn't too much behind the Canon 550EX. The 420EX lagged a bit behind them all, though I remember using a lot of these for off-camera work at weddings way back when.

Next, I wanted to see how fast they each recycled These were the results that surprised me.

Nissin Di866 - 3.5 seconds
Canon 550EX - 3 seconds
Canon 420EX - 4 seconds
Yongnuo 460 RX - 1.5 seconds

No, that is not a typo. The 460TX genuinely recycles to full power in just 1.5 seconds. In fact, I tested 3 times just to confirm. Furthermore, I was able to achieve 9 fires consecutively before it started to show any lag. That is NOT the performance I expected from this level of flash.

Now, back to the practical world. Both the Canon and Nissin can best the 1.5 second showing of the Yongnuo by using an accessory battery pack. So, that absence of support on the Yongnuo is still a limiting factor. But I am still thrilled that what I perceived to be a limitation in power and speed simply from it's cost and appearance ended up being rather deception.

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