Can anyone install badware or unwanted programs on a DSLR?

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Re: Can anyone install badware or unwanted programs on a DSLR?

How do you know the driver will stop his car at red light as you are crossing the street?
How do you know a cook does not poison your food at a restaurant?

How do you know the mailman doesn't steal your letters which might contain huge checks from anonymous benefactors?
How do you know there isn't a ninja assassin hiding in the closet?

When you come to the doctor complaining of chest pain and he puts you in from of what he claims to be an X-Ray machine, how do you know that machine is not actually going to program your brain to become a ninja assassin and go hide in the closet of some guy wanting to buy a 7D?

The answer to your question is: yes, they potentially could. They also potentially could take the security camera footage of you entering the store and use it to frame you for store robbery. They also potentially could phone could phone their local gang buddies and let them know you are about to exit the store with an expensive camera.

Hey, it could happen.

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