real field test for OMD against full frame DSLR

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Re: real field test for OMD against full frame DSLR

I agree with the point about DSLR just feeling more natural to the hand when shooting (and I don't think it's just because of habit).

That being said, I just received the RRS base plate + grip for the OMD. Maybe the Oly grip does the same (minus the arcaswiss plate), but it is a revelation. So much more natural feeling without adding any material weight or size in the bag. May not be a trivial cost, but worth it to me.

Now, I get the advantages of lighter weight, smaller kit, and make up for a decent amount of the ergonomic gap. The overall image quality penalty is still there, but it isn't enough to impact a total amateur like myself. With the right glass, it's always my fault and not the gear.

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