D800 - flash mode settings, please help

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Re: D800 - flash mode settings, please help

Valentin Hertz wrote:


Could someone please shed some light over this matter for me? I have a D800 and use its built in flash to trigger 2 groups of speedlights, 2 SB900 and 2 SB700. I normally like to control the amount of light and thus most of the times I use them in M mode. I don't really understand if it matters what I have teh speedlights set to (TTL M or GN) if my in teh commander mode D800 is set to M for both groups and -- for built in flash (to emit only pre-monitor flashes)..Do I need to set all, teh commander in D800 and all remotes in M mode? Can you guys please explain what does a setting vs the other?


No one is using flashes??
I'd appreciate an answer for this.

Thank you.

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