Canon 7D Firmware v2 - Problem?

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Re: Canon 7D Firmware v2 - Problem?

mwinter wrote:

anttitapani wrote:

You need to be in the specific mode (Av, Tv, M ...) if you want to register that in C1, C2 or C3.

Many thanks anttipani - this is just a little bit counter intuitive (to me) but it certainly works and I am very grateful for your input.

To be very clear to anybody equally as confused as I was. Set the dial to the required shooting mode and then register C1, C2, C3 - this sets the shooting mode to the Cx and you can then proceed to makeall of the other settings including Custom Settings before registering again to save these.

That's still not right. All you have to do is make all your settings - mode dial together with all the usual camera settings from aperture and shutter speed right down to custom functions - exactly as you would in normal use; then use the menu to Register all that to C1, C2 or C3. You don't have to do it in two stages as you describe.

Grateful thanks to you as neither the Canon manual nor aftermarket books articulate this at all, let alone clearly.

Actually is is correctly described in the manual - see page 229/230 if you have the latest version of the manual or 223/224 in the older (firmware 1.x.x) version.

I think the real problem is the sheer quantity of information you have to assimilate with a new 7D!

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